Config Management Camp

3 and 4 February 2014

Gent, Belgium

Configuration Management Isn't Everything

If configuration management wasn’t a hot topic, we wouldn’t be having this conference. But is it the only thing between you and accelerating your business? What other practices or tools do you need in order to be successful? Too often, companies implement CM in isolation without other requisite components in place, as though CM is a panacea for speeding up “slow IT”. In this session, I’ll discuss what I consider to be “co-requisites” for CM to be successful for businesses, touching on areas such as: * The software development lifecycle — what methods work and which don’t * Communication practices and tools * Training and human resources * Source code management and the ability to experiment and many others.

Julian's slides are available on slideshare.

About Julian Dunn

Julian (@julian_dunn) is a senior consulting engineer with Chef Software, Inc. where he helps customers learn and implement Chef. He has over a decade of software development and systems administration experience at outfits large and small. When he's not helping customers with Chef, he enjoys good craft beer, indie music, and writing biographies about himself in the third person.