Config Management Camp

3 and 4 February 2014

Gent, Belgium

SaltStack meetup at CfgMgmtCamp

This isn't SaltConf (www.saltconf.com), but it is only four days after SaltConf which will be held in Salt Lake City from Jan. 28-20, 2014. Of course we will try to bring some of the best of SaltConf to CfgMgmtCamp but need help from the SaltStack community. Here is our proposed agenda:

  • SaltStack tech tutorial (Introduction and overview from a SaltStack engineer.)
  • SaltStack lightning talks (Community contributions and open talks. Please send proposals to sprint@saltstack.com for consideration.)
  • Lightning talk 1: "Salt Cloud for CloudStack" by Sebastien Goasguen, Apache CloudStack PMC - CloudStack support in libcloud has improved greatly over the last six months, hence the CloudStack driver in Salt Cloud is also getting better. We will review the recent updates, give a brief demo if time permits and discuss future development.
  • Lightning talk 2: "Masterless Salt with Vagrant" by Sebastien Goasguen, Apache CloudStack PMC - In this presentation we will show how to use masterless SaltStack within a Vagrant box definition and we will provision machines in a CloudStack cloud with the vagrant-cloudstack plugin. These very recent developments in Vagrant and SaltStack open the door to a new way of provisioning machines in a CloudStack cloud with Vagrant and Salt.
  • Salt Sprint (Please send project objectives to sprint@saltstack.com for consideration.)

For this Sprint, no remote connectivity will be made available for other locations to keep the experience focused and personalized. Salt Sprint newcomers are more than welcome to watch, learn, network and participate. Pending on input from the Salt community, Salt Sprint objectives may include:

  • More SaltStack support for software defined networks;
  • More cloud management functionality and public cloud support;
  • Develop more Salt monitoring modules and runner alerts;
  • Create more SaltStack test coverage;
  • Further populate the SaltStack formula (state) repository;
  • Add more real-time SaltStack command modules.