1 and 2 February 2016

Gent, Belgium


While we have catering organised for 450 people we realize , you might be looking for something else to eat while around ConfigMgmtCamp

While we do our best to provide food for everyone you might want to go and get some other food.
Here is a list of some possibilties in the area.

Walking distance, close by

Walking distance, a bit further

There are a number of places in the SintPieters station , (Panos, Starbucks, Snoep En Broodjesbar) and a couple more on the square in front of the train station Cafe Parti, Salt 'n Pepper , Lekker Gec, ...

You probably want to take the trams

Please note that the ConfigManagementCamp organisation has no affiliation with any of these venues, we just want provide you with some ideas for food.