1 and 2 February 2016

Gent, Belgium


In tradition with other FOSS events there are a couple of events on the "Fringe" of Config Management Camp

In the same venue as Config Management Camp we are hosting:

Puppet Contributors Summit

Puppet Labs is holding our third Puppet Contributors Summit in Ghent, Belgium on February 3, 2016, the day after Config Management Camp. This event is for both existing and new contributors to Puppet, related projects, and modules, and we would love to see the following people attend the Contributors Summit!

  • People who submit pull requests and contribute code to our projects
  • Community members working on related projects
  • People who contribute to Puppet Labs modules or contribute their own modules to the Puppet Forge
  • Key community members who answer a lot of questions about using Puppet
  • Long-time Puppet users who are interested in doing more
Learn more about the Puppet Contributor Summit and other contributor events. All attendees at Puppet Labs events (speakers and participants) should adhere to our Community Guidelines and Event Code of Conduct. Register: Here

Foreman Construction Day

Foreman will be holding the first Foreman Construction Day on Wednesday 3rd February 2016, which is the day after Config Management Camp.

The aim is to build upon on the previous 2-4 days of talks and discussions, and put it to use! We're open to all members of our community, such as

  • New users looking for help getting started with Foreman
  • Users looking to start contributing
  • Code contributors to any of the core projects
  • Puppet coders for the installer
  • Plugin authors (new or existing plugins)
  • Translators / documentors
This is a great opportunity to get (more) involved in the community, and spend some face-to-face hack time with other Foreman devs. Hope to see you there!

Register: Here

Juju Charmer Summit

The Juju Charmer Summit is a special three day event co-located within cfgmgmtcamp in Gent, Belgium. Enjoy two days of Juju sessions as well as sessions around Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Foreman, and other tools. The third day is a Juju deep dive, where we will go into charm design, building charms with layers, and code review. We recommend attending the full three days, two days of cfgmgmtcamp, and one day of the Charmer Summit if you're looking for the full educational experience.

The Summit concentrates on charm design and authorship of charms. If you're interested in getting your code to end users in the cloud, then this is the event for you. We have workshop sessions, presentations, and most importantly, peer programming time with charm experts.

Register Here