6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

Bash to Ansible - Migrating a Kubernetes PaaS to config management

Graham Hayes - Monday , 6/2/2017, 17:00 - 17:40 - B1.017

It is very easy to accidentally end up with config management being done with a collection of shell scripts that try and fix the state of a machine. You start out with terraform, then start adding minor "tweeks" with the "remote-exec" provisioner. fast forward a few months, and you have massive scripts, that are dependent on more env vars than you have config options. In this talk we will will explore where the Helion Control Plane was, and how we migrated to a config management solution. We will explore the options evaluated, and what we moved to. As part of this, we will show how we used ansible, and how we structured our playbooks for the best usage, and what issues we faced as a boxed on-premise product.

About Speaker

Graham Hayes is a Senior Software Engineer in Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He currently works in the Helion Stackato team which produces an multi cloud, on premise, Kubernetes based Platform as a Service, using Cloud Foundry. In that team, he works on the infrastructure layer, writing tooling to deploy VMs, that run the containers needed for the platform. Previous to this, he worked on the DNSaaS Team in HPE Helion OpenStack. In this role, he used a lot different config management tools, from Chef, to Salt, and Ansible. (And a dark period of bash based tooling). He is also the Project Technical Lead (PTL) for the OpenStack DNS project.