6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

Escape the legacy - Don't fear the automation

Patrick Karish - Monday , 6/2/2017, 14:40 - 15:20 - B1.017

Still lurking with legacy machines and non reproducible deployments? Still documenting configuration changes in a wiki? Be brave and automate it! But you don't need to fear the automation. This talk shows a clean (and one of the many possible) way to escape the legacy and automate your infrastructure and project configuration step by step to a highly automated environment.

Managing a client workstation fleet with Ansible and more

Patrick Karish - Monday , 6/2/2017, 16:200 - 17:00 - B1.017

Together we are all orchestrating and configurations billions of containers and servers all the time. But have you ever considered managing client workstation in your organization too with configuration management tools? Every day time is wasted by employees in problems where the root is the manual installation or configuration of the workstation. This talk shows you how you can effectively manage client machines with Ansible and other tools needed and how you can finally save your time and the time of your colleagues. Even better, if you are working with developers you can train them to create a pull request against your Ansible config, if they need any changes to their workstations. This talk focuses mostly on managing Linux machines and in parts Mac OS X machines, but also shows some tasks how you manage Windows machines.

About Speaker

Patrik Karisch is a software engineer and PHP developer advocate. He enjoys working with Symfony and is passionate about DevOps and Linux. Patrik is an open source enthusiast and an advocate of modern development principles & standards. At other times, he fiddles with electronics and microcontrollers. If Patrik isn't working he is busy cooking delicious food and playing drums.