6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

How to use the augments file (def.json)

Bas van der Vlies - Tuesday, February 7, 14:00 - 14:40 - B3.036

Using the augments file (def.json) to specify what variables and classes are set for each host or group of similar hosts (compute nodes in a cluster). This file define classes to activate which bundles must be run and define variables that are used by the bundles. This setup was created with the following mindset:

  • Override default values that are defined for a service/bundle. Usually use to generate file(s) with mustache.
  • Easily identify:
    • Which bundles are activated
    • Which parameters are active for the host (overriding the default value)
  • Clone a host
  • Faster Disaster Recovery
  • People without cfengine knowledge can configure a host
  • Separate data from configuration files

Presentation slide deck.

About Speaker

Bas is passionate about IT automation and he is active on many open source projects such as sali, pxeconfig, pbs_python, and email2trac. He has embraced CFEngine as early as 1996 and, among other things, has contributed to the CFEngine parser. In 2012 the CFEngine team has invited Bas to Oslo to improve the reporting of syntax errors in the configuration files. He has also been a tremendous help within the Debian team to ensure that the Debian repository gets up to date CFEngine builds. Bas lives in Amsterdam and besides computers he likes traveling, music, sports (cycling, squash, snowboarding and speed skating) and walking on the beach with his dogs.