6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

Shared Services is Not a Field of Dreams

Michael Goetz - Tuesday, February 7, 14:00 - 14:40 - B3.019

Many organizations are in the midst of trying to adapt to the amazing world of config management -- by building platforms of dozens of tools and hoping that the development teams consume them. News flash - that doesn't work. Teams need to adapt to provide solutions for both innovative and prescriptive teams and not just a catalog of software components.

In this talk we'll talk about the demand for internal consulting, adoption planning, when to think about moving into service stacks (i.e., here's your vanilla weblogic + java + httpd system).

Slides are available on SlideShare.

About Michael Goetz

Michael is the Director of Success Engineering at Chef, where he helps customers with distributed teams work safely and quickly with Chef to manage their infrastructure. He has several years of automation, systems and configuration management experience across many different types of businesses. An avid woodworker, Michael loves to spend time crafting furniture when he's not helping others solve their technical problems.