6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

An upside-down Exploration of App Automation with Habitat

Ian Henry - Monday, February 6, 16:20 - 17:00 - B.CON

An omni-directional, upside-down, crowd-sourced adventure into the world of application automation with Habitat.

Attendees will participate in a choose-your-own adventure style dialogue around the subjects they're most interested in from within the broad Habitat fabric. Topics will include:

  • A deep technical dive on packaging an application with Habitat
  • How Habitat makes containers safer and more delightful
  • Managing a Habitized application with the Supervisor
  • A look at the Depot and its Continuous Build System
  • Exploration of what Configuration Management means in Application Automation
  • Slides and code are available on GitHub.

    Chef Habitat Workshop

    Wednesday, February 8, 10:00 - 16:30 - B3.019

    Join us on Wednesday for a Habitat workshop.

    This workshop will provide attendees with the knowledge required to package and run applications with Habitat. At the end of this workshop attendees will understand Habitat’s packaging technology, how to package an existing application with Habitat, the benefits of the Habitat studio, how the Habitat supervisor works to provides application focused automation, and how to run applications using Habitat.

    Slides are available on Speaker Deck.

    About Ian Henry

    Ian is the Habitat Technical Community Advocate at Chef Software. Before beginning his quest through the belly of the upside-down world of containerized workloads he was a Customer facing adventurer for Chef and spent his time wandering the earth in order to help Chef Customers transform their organizations with Automation and DevOps.