6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

can we have self-healing engine?

Uchit Vyas, Tuesday, February 7 , 11:40 - 12:20 , B.CON

This is the story of a fortune 500 company that had 100s of customers and were facing high failure events and many of them were repeatable. That is the perfect case for auto healing for their complex infrastructure and application components. Because of the uncertain load and usage patterns, their infrastructure was not stable in terms of scaling, service discovery and disaster recovery in real-time. We introduced real-time self-healing engine to focus on service discovery, event propagation, failure- detection and orchestration of their infrastructure. Later, we initialized chef for applying configuration changes, Consul for supporting geographically distributed multiple datacenters, service monitoring and to store key-value based configuration as core component of self-healing engine. Finally, we deployed the same for many of our other customers along with their native infrastructure orchestration components to replace multiple scripts. Hence sharing this valuable information would be great for other hashiconf attendees.

About Speaker

Uchit Vyas is a Cloud Architect at Rean Cloud. Uchit works with large IT organizations to automate traditional datacenters and development flow, explores new-age tools and technologies, defines solutions and best practices for small and large enterprises. He has authored Five books on OpenStack Applied Design patterns, Mule ESB, Mastering AWS Development, AWS Development Essentials, and AWS DynamoDB.