6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

Ignite Talks

Puppetise the impossible: repomanagement done right? - Simon Peters,

in 2013 Kris Buytaert had solved the repository management for our infrastructure, in theory at least. After more than 3 years of trying to maintain it manually turned into an utter mess, it finally became time to puppetise that whole theory. This talk gives a birds eye overview of how we tackled puppetising our repository management in pulp. What problems we faced, and the strategies we used to get over them.

About Simon:

Simon's an intern at inuits simon was know as the guy who killed the pulp server on his first day. After graduation he went back to Inuits (re)writing puppet code and fixing things that aren't broken. He specialises in cracking the tougher nuts one at a time and puppetising new stacks.

Keep your code clean - Jan Vansteenkiste

Why should you invest in writing clean code and stay away from 'dirty' shortcuts.

About Jan: Jan likes Open Source. He's into this puppet thing and does sysadmin/operations/development stuff being a consultant.

Vox Pupuli: Working together - Julien Pivotto

Vox Pupuli is a Puppet Community Organisation. We are member of the community who work together to improve and maintain lots of modules. Find how and why we do this.. and join!

Vox pupuli from Julien Pivotto
About Julien: Julien Pivotto is a young Open-Source consultant at Inuits where he is helping organisations with the deployment of long-term solutions based on Open-Source infrastructure. He is a strong believer in the devops movement and has technical focus towards infrastructure automation, continuous integration, monitoring and high availability.

Successful Hackathons - Michael Lihs

In this ignite talk I will share my experience with organizing Hackathons and how to use them as a tool for learning and spreading knowledge in your company. I will provide some easy-to-follow dos and dont's and show that Hackathons can be more than a nerdy two-days event with too much pizza. The example provided will focus on provisioning Jenkins as a distributed tool in Cloud Foundry - hence the connection to Configuration Management.

About Michael: Michael Lihs is a cloud developer at Bosch and currently involved in setting up the Bosch IoT Cloud. For this task he recently had to struggle with a lot of new technology and found out that Hackathons can be a great tool to leverage learning and decision making across your organization.

Throw away your DC inventory, it is lying to you - Moritz Rogalli,

Handling hardware traditionally involves a lot of spreadsheets, lists or databases that are in varying states of accuracy and automation. They almost never accurately reflect the truth inside your datacentre, no matter how much hard work and discipline you put into it. Building a single, automated source of truth does not only tell you what you have in your racks, it also gives you everything you need to add self-service provisioning, cost visibility and a model of ownership for free.

About Moritz: Moritz is a contractor who is on the operations side of the spectrum. He works in Stockholm and deals with removing the pain of dealing with hardware by day and an amateur piano enthusiast at night.

TP Install Anything (anywhere) - Alessandro Franceschi

A quick, real time, hopefully impressive, demostration of Tiny Puppet usage, both as Puppet module and from the cli.

The heist - on Config Management Security

We’ll have a lighting-speed comparison of how the physical world and IT ops practices for protecting assets differ. On the real-world side we look at priceless items that are intentionally exposed to tens of thousands of unknown persons daily. On the tech side we look at our CM systems and where we can learn a bit from the real world. We look at the worst of our antipatterns, countermeasures that are actually available to the CM user base, most critical wishes to the vendors / projects. We close by inviting to a survey that will complement a future full-length talk.

About Florian: Florian has enjoyed being a systems administrator in mission critical environments for a long time. He became a complete Rudder convert in 2014 and has used it in multiple setups by now.