6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

OpenStack Track: Flexible OpenStack Deployment and Ops with Charms

Monday, February 6, 17:00 - B4.039

OpenStack is a complex beast with many different options both in terms of function and in terms of how the services required to operate the cloud are deployed across your data centre.

Using Juju and the OpenStack Charms, its possible to model multiple deployment topology's including choices such as hyper-converged or dedicated controllers and fully split storage and compute services. Juju also makes use of LXD machine containers to ensure flexibility in terms of placement and scale of individual control plane services within the cloud.

Juju and MAAS also model the underlying network fabric and availability zones within your data centre, ensuring that services have the maximum level of fault tolerance when deployed in HA configurations and are bound appropriately to the underlying network architecture.

I'll deep dive on how Juju and the OpenStack Charms deliver this architectural choice as well as covering new Juju 2.0 features such as network spaces and storage support, which are used extensively across the OpenStack Charms.

  • James has been involved in Open Source software since 2000, evangelising and delivering the use of Free and Open Source technologies in a major UK bank.
  • In 2010, James discovered Ubuntu and became involved in the development of Ubuntu and shortly afterwards OpenStack.
  • James is part of the team responsible for delivering and supporting OpenStack as part of every Ubuntu release and for the Juju Charms for OpenStack, the best way for deploying and managing OpenStack deployments on Ubuntu at any scale.