6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

Open Source Operations with Juju 2.1

Monday, February 6, 14:00 - B4.039

It's been a year since Juju 2.0 debuted at the last Config Management Camp. There's been a year's worth of development and bugfixes. This is an introductory talk for operators on how to use Juju to deploy workloads onto clouds. We will cover cloud-agnostic deployments, modelling storage, modelling networking, upgrades, and anything related to "lifecycle management" of a workload. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and follow along on their laptops if so inclined. In this talk we will also introduce the 4 tracks of focus: (1) Kubernetes, (2) OpenStack, (3) Big Data, and (4) Operators. Experts for these tracks will be available for 1-1 development afterwards if you're interested."

  • Marco Ceppi is a DevOps Engineer helping build the future of clouds. He's been managing deployments at scale for 10 years on both physical and virtual machines. He currently works on the Juju Solutions team as an Engineer for Canonical Ltd. and does DevOps for The Silph Road, the largest community run Pokemon Go community.
  • Jorge O. Castro currently works on the Kubernetes team at Canonical.