6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

Operator Track: Distributed Systems CI

Tuesday, February 7, 14:40 - B4.039

As we move away from monoliths and applications become more specialized the solution also gets more complex and interconnected. We need to test the solution on different infrastructure from bare metal to public cloud. On top of that we need to test the solution at different scales and configurations. Once we got that settled we need to make changes to the solutions and ensure not only individual applications keep functioning but the entire solutions still works as expected. Bonus if we can measure performance in each iteration.

In this talk we will discuss how we can deploy and test the operations of complex interconnected solutions on varying infrastructure. Furthermore, we will outline how to test and benchmark the solution on each change [commit] to determine if the change should be rolled forward or reverted. Attendees will have the knowledge and code to deploy their own CI system for distributed systems.

  • Pete Vander Giessen is a member of the Juju Big Software team at Canonical. In years prior, he was involved in several Big Data focused startups, as well as building database infrastructure for IBM's cloud computing efforts. He has been a DevOps person since the term was invented, with a special interest in wrangling large datasets, and managing tricky testing infrastructure.