Habiat and Kubernetes

Ian Henry

Containerize This : Managing Stateful and Stateless Applications with Habitat & Kubernetes

Ian Henry - Tuesday, February 6, 15:40 - 16:20

Over the last few years (and specially as the Kubernetes behemoth has taken hold) we have learned a few of the "cardinal sins" of containerization. One of the largest and most debated today runs along the lines of : Thou Shalt Not Containerize Thine stateful services. There is a lot of wisdom in this idea but not many people understand why. What's more many operators and developers have never stopped to ask themselves what outcome they might have hoped for in an attempt to containerize a stateful service like a database.

I would posit that these failed experiments in the cold void of etherspace came from the desire to unify management of their services into a single shape. Managing different types of services with different patterns and tools lends itself to the creation of brittle systems with razor sharp edges that can easily cut unsuspecting operators.

The purpose of this talk is to dive into each of these issues and to expose the value of unified management of stateful and containerized stateless services with Habitat + Kubernetes.

About Ian Henry

As the Technical Community Advocate for Habitat, Ian is actively helping the Community and ecosystem grow. He spends much of his time helping people learn about containerization, distributed systems, and the ways that Habitat makes those things easy. Prior to joining Chef, Ian spent a number of years as an operator and tools engineer.