6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

Automate quality just like you automate servers

Benoît Peccatte - Tuesday, February 7, 14:40 - 15:20 - D.AUD

We accept that automating configuration requires a higher initial investment, but saves time and improves reliability from then on. But when it comes to our own work, we often get tangled up in opening tickets, linking them, peer review, running tests, announcing changes… so many tedious tasks that reduce our agility and distract us from the task at hand at exactly the wrong moment. So why not automate them too?

Process contributes to quality, and that’s unavoidable, so we usually accept the tradeoff. I’ve taken automation one step further and automated *everything* I had to do manually so I can focus on the content of my commits. I’ll share the ideas and tools I use when working on Rudder (but the concepts really apply to any development workflow, including infrastructure as code).


About Benoît Peccatte

Benoit Peccatte started out as a developer for air traffic control systems but quickly became more interested in writing code generators to automate his job. After meeting some smart sysadmins on the beach, he switched jobs and has been automating servers for the past decade.

He stumbled across open source in engineering school, and quickly became convinced that free software is the only way to keep software maintainable whatever happens in the future.

Benoit is now trying to automate his job at Normation, developing features in Rudder (http://www.rudder-project.org) to continuously configure and audit more and more servers.