6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

Orchestrating a platform with BOSH

Justin Carter - Tuesday, February 7, 11:40 - 12:20 - B1.017

To manage applications running in the cloud many companies are moving towards using sophisticated schedulers (eg. Nomad), orchestrators (eg. Kubernetes) or Platform as a Service offerings (eg. Cloud Foundry). These technologies are highly complex and operating as well as managing their lifecycle across updates in production can be a big challenge. In this talk Justin Carter will demonstrate how BOSH (https://bosh.io/), originally written to deploy Cloud Foundry, is able to handle the deployment and operation of these complex systems. The demonstration will include rolling out updates to a running scheduler without effecting the applications it manages.

About Speaker

As a professional artist Justin Carter has performed as a musician and dancer in many prestigious festivals and venues. As a high stakes poker player he has faced former world champions. As a developer he has worked on algorithmic synthesizers, poker bots, game theoretical analysis tools and scheduling software for workforce management. Currently he is a project lead at Stark & Wayne where he helps clients be successful in their adoption of Cloud Foundry and contributes to various projects in the Cloud Foundry open source ecosystem.