6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

Automate your automation with Rudder’s API! \o/

Vincent Membré - Monday, February 6, 14:20 - 15:00 - B4.042

Rudder comes with a complete REST API which provides access to all data available within Rudder so you can automate your configuration automation without using the web interface.

Using it, you can create tools (scripts, UI) adapted to your environment to automate common tasks in Rudder (Change a single setting in a Directive? Enable or disable a Rule according on customer request? Accept new nodes via a third party interface) or integrate existing tools like your CMDB, monitoring or even a KPI-reporting system.

We try to provide lot of documentation and make it as user friendly as possible, but it’s not always easy to realise exactly what the API can do, or figure out to best use it.

In this hands-on session, I will first explain how Rudder API works and is organized. Then, we will practice our knowledge (and our Python) to create a tool over Rudder API.


About Vincent Membré

As a lazy person, Vincent Membré loves automation and functional programming, so working for Normation as a Scala developer on Rudder fulfills both his passions.

As a developer, he works mostly on Rudder’s web interface, its backend and is responsible for Rudder’s REST API (blame him for bugs!). He also is Rudder’s release manager and so also works on Rudder packages, and has implemented a lot of automation tools in their build processes.

Maybe you can call him ‘full stack’ or ‘devops’ but he does not like those terms, he just thinks that his work has no value if his code is not shipped properly.

As well as development, Vincent loves beer, cats and his kids (currently 1.5, soon to be 2)