6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

Configuration Changes Don’t Have to be Scary: Testing with Containers

Andy Henroid, Tuesday, February 7 , 11:00 - 11:40 , B1.015

Fast and efficient, containers make an ideal environment for testing. This talk will show how containers can be used to safely and effectively test configuration changes before deploying to production. Using Docker, Puppet, and other open source tools, we will demonstrate a containerized and fully-automated test environment and compare to VM-based alternatives. We will examine the benefits of containers for ad-hoc exploratory testing and accelerating and expanding test coverage through parallelization. Some members of the DevOps community claim that many traditional Configuration Management problems will be solved by containers and immutable infrastructure. Well, perhaps. We can argue, though it’s certainly too early to draw firm conclusions. Instead, let’s reframe the discussion: Containers can make Configuration Management better—today. With containers, we can test an astounding number of configurations, do this quickly and cheaply, and deliver on the promise of Continuous*—Continuous Configuration Automation (CCA) and other lofty-sounding ideas.

Configuration Changes Don't Have to be Scary: Testing with containers from Andrew Henroid

About Speaker

Andy Henroid is a senior software engineer at Puppet, where he is leading product and integration efforts for Docker, Kubernetes, and other container-based technologies. Once a full-time Linux kernel developer, he is passionate about Linux and open source software.