6 and 7 February 2017

Gent, Belgium

Test Driven Development for Ops

Kerim Satirli and Thomas Krag, Tuesday, February 7 , 12:20 - 13:00 , B1.015

TDD, or test-driven development, has been around for nearly two decades, yet most operations teams are still sticking with assumption-driven-development. In this talk, we will explain the ideology behind testing. Then, we will show how to use the same code base for testing both Docker and Packer images.

About Speakers

Thomas Krag is the lone Systems Engineer at threat intelligence platform EclecticIQ. He has extensive experience with infrastructure automation, microservice oriented architecture, testing and much more. He is also highly active in the Dutch DevOps community and has organized DevOps related meetups all over the Netherlands. Previously he has worked in everything from large online retailers and managed services to financial technology companies and start-ups. Kerim Satirli is part of a squad of engineers at publishing powerhouse Persgroep and helps the company by stewarding the adoption and expansion of DevOps techniques and practices. In the past, Kerim built web applications for ad-tech companies, worked on a content management system that was used by the top museums of the Netherlands and helped make music and video more accessible for a number of start-ups.