4 - 6 February, 2019

Ghent, Belgium

Sponsors needed for Configuration Management Camp

Configuration Management Camp 2019 Ghent is looking for sponsors.

The sponsor documentation for Ghent 2019 is available HERE

Help us keep Configuration Management Camp GREAT.

Config Management Camp 2019

Configuration Management Camp will be held in Ghent, Belgium February 4-6, 2019.

Configuration Management Camp is the event for technologists interested in adopting, improving, and using Open Source Software and frameworks for managing configuration, infrastructure, containers, clouds, virtualization, serverless, security, and more.

Our community welcomes all people interested in discussing and improving the software and practices used in building, deploying, and managing applications. Meet, exchange ideas, and learn from one another over the course of three days.

Extend your trip to FOSDEM (February 2-3, 2019) and dig deeper into the topics most important to this community.