Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Ansible Modules for Foreman

Bernhard Hopfenmueller

Speaking of Configuration Management and IT-Orchestration Foreman and Ansible are Widely knownand used. The variety of possible use-case scenarios for Foreman and the versatilness and simplicity of Ansiblemake the combination of both a perfect tool.To get there, we contributed to the creation of Ansible modules for Foreman [2].In this talk we want to demonstrate this work, based on the nailgun library [3].We also want to talk about the shared library ansible_nailgun_cement[4] we introduced to keep the module code dry.[2][3]

About Speaker

Bernhard Hopfenmueller is IT-Consultant at ATIX- The Linux & Open Source Company[1] in Munich. He is developing solutions in the scope of data center applications, covering topics like Ansible, Docker and Foreman/Orcharhino with a focus on Open Source and Linux products. Together with the Atix-Crew he is contributing actively to the development of Ansible Modules for Foreman