Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Role based configuration , an evolving dynamic solution

Martin Simons

In Role based computing machines are defined by their roles. This means the role determines the software installed and configured on the machines. CFEngine enables us to make use of environmental information, such as platform and role if it is available in the hostname. This leads to a complete taylor made setup of each and every machine.

  • Hostnaming conventions
  • Enhancing the policy update process, all variable policies are available during the first policy run
  • A bit of history of Dynamic approach

About Speaker

Martin initiated the Debian-team in June 2013 and as a result we are now having an up to date and state of the art Debian Standards compliant CFEngine3 3.6.2. in the Debian Jessie repository. He did the successful CFEngine Enterprise implementation at DirecTV in the beginning of 2014. He now is the driving force behind The CFEngine Roadshow, the open source show case of a complete CFEngine solution. He is a member of the International CFEngine Community support team. He is happily living with his wife being a proud father of three daughters who left home to study at universities all over the country. The opportunity is to be able to spend more CFEngine time!