Chef Community Room


Chef Chef is the platform for the DevOps workflow. Use Chef to automate and manage it all-- infrastructure, run-time environments, and applications. The Chef community is tens of thousands strong. The most enduring and transformative companies use Chef to become fast, efficient, and innovative software-driven organizations.

Chef Automate helps you deliver all of you infrastructure, any application, everywhere. Continuously. Chef Automate helps overcome complexity to build, manage, and deploy better, faster, and safer. It builds on three open-source projects:

  • Chef for infrastructure automation - Achieve speed, scale, and consistency by automating your infrastructure with Chef.
  • InSpec for compliance automation - Define and assess system state and status across an application’s lifecycle
  • Habitat for application automation - A simple, flexible way to build, deploy, and manage cloud native applications.

Join us in the Chef Community Room for some presentations and hacking.


Monday, February 5 - Room B.3.019

Tuesday, February 6 - Room B.3.019

Chef-related talks in the other tracks

Monday, February 5

Tuesday, February 6

Wednesday, February 7, 10:00 - 16:30 B.3.026

Join us on Wednesday for a Habitat & InSpec Hackday in room B.3.026.