Using Habitat to unify
Dev to CI to Production

Salim Afiune

Using Habitat to unify Dev to CI to Production

Salim Afiune - Monday, February 5, 16:20 - 17:00 - B.3.019

This talk is about the journey of a developer that starts working in a company (day one) and goes through the process from getting her computer setup all the way until she makes her first contribution to an application in production.

We will talk about Habitat, a tool to build, deploy, and manage applications. We will explain what is the Habitat Studio and the benefits of doing development in it and how we can leverage it to standardize our development environments as well as our CI/CD systems. Finally we will close our talk by providing real use cases and a few examples that attendees can follow online.

About Salim Afiune

Salim is a Senior Software Engineer at Chef based in New York City that have always been passionate about automation since his early years working for financial companies as a SysAdmin in México. He started as a Solutions Engineer helping many customers like Facebook, Bloomberg and GE among others. Nowadays you can find him coding with classical music in the background for inspiration and experimenting new ways of making dev cycles faster and easier.