Tim Smith

Next stop Chef 14. See what's coming

Tim Smith - Monday, February 5, 15:40 - 16:20 - B.3.019

It's been nearly a year since Chef 13 shipped and this upcoming April we'll ship Chef 14. In this talk we'll cover what's new in Chef 14 and what the upgrade means to you. We'll start off with a recap of this last year's development in Chef 13 and ChefDK 2.0. Come see everything you might have have missed since the release of Chef 13.0 including new resources, testing capabilities, platform support, and built in functionality.

From there we'll jump right into Chef 14. Learn how we're making Chef 14 the easiest Chef to get started with. We'll cover new built-in resources, improvements to custom resources, as well as new unit testing functionality. We'll chat about using the chef_client_updater to deploy new versions of the chef-client and keeping your cookbook code up to date with new releases of Chef.

Chef and Containers: A love story

Tim Smith - Tuesday, February 6, 14:00 - 14:40

We're all operating in serverless greenfields right? Well…not quite. How can we embrace container technology while still caring for our existing systems? Learn how Chef can help you integrate containers into your existing infrastructure as well help you move services to the new world of Kubernetes.

We'll cover what a hybrid container strategy means and how you can use Chef to integrate containers for application deployment within existing systems. What services make sense in containers and how can you move them from existing config management to containers driven by config management. We'll then cover using Chef to to build out a Kubernetes cluster using a combination of community cookbooks for full cluster turn up and management of applications running on that cluster.

About Tim Smith

After he grew tired of commuting to work every day wearing a parka while doing desktop support in Antarctica, Tim jumped into web operations. Since then he's worked to ensure your web analytics are always accurate, your streaming TV shows never buffer, and your rent checks are always on time. He now works for Chef on the Community Team improving community cookbooks.