Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Hosts' lifecycle with Ansible

Daniel Lobato Garcia

Ansible is a extremely easy to learn tool to orchestrate and configure hosts. However, managing the whole lifecycle of your hosts will require other tools for provisioning and monitoring at least. At the Foreman project we have found Ansible to be a fundamental tool on a lot of deployments for configuration, so we have started efforts to provide value to Ansible users. This talk will show you what can you gain out of using Foreman with Ansible, including providing an UI for remote execution, hosts registration, provisioning, and more. By the end of it, you should at least be intrigued to consider using Foreman to complement your automation efforts with Ansible.

About Speaker

Daniel Lobato is a software engineer who has worked in very different environments, from data centers and mainframes to startups. These days he helps Red Hat to build systems by developing Foreman, a GPL-licensed lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual machines, and some tools to make developers and sysadmins happier.