Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Openstack on Kubernetes a journey from configuration management to container scheduling

Zdenek Janda

Our team has deployed many Openstack clusters since ever. Our classic deployment was using VMs, orchestrated by Foreman and managed by Puppet. In single VM per service approach, just control plane for single Openstack instance could take more than 30Gb of memory, and even more when high availability was requested. Also upgrades were pain, using mostly manually updated Puppet modules and and manual Puppet runs across the infrastructure. Clearly, new approach was needed to resolve these issues. With rise of container technology like Docker and Kubernetes, we exploited Openstack-Helm, a project to run Openstack containerized and scheduled with Kubernetes. In this talk we present how we moved Openstack from Puppet based configuration management to container scheduling with Kubernetes and Helm, including live demo.

About Speaker

Zdenek is CEO at Cloudevelops and Cloudinfrastack, an opensource consulting and private cloud companies. His focus is DevOps, Ubuntu, Cloud, Openstack, Puppet, Monitoring, Alerting.