Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Securing Microservices Cluster Networking

Mandy Waite

So you drank the microservices kool-aid and deployed all your microservices to container clusters. Now, how secure is your cluster networking? Do you have the necessary access controls, authentication and authorization mechanisms in place?In this talk, we will go through several aspects of securing microservices networking.We will use an application that works on Kubernetes, but familiarity with Kubernetes is not necessary. From there, we will configure the security measures needed to whitelist connections, provide identity to containers and verify the authenticity of the requests.Also, we will discuss whats on the Kubernetes roadmap for cluster networking security and explain what "service mesh" projects like Istio and Linkerd provide in this space.

About Speaker

Based in San Francisco, Mandy is a Cloud Native Engineer and Advocate who runs the newly formed Infra&Ops Cloud Advocacy team at Google. She's also the thought leader and chief strategist for the entire Google Cloud Advocacy team and her core mission is to make the Cloud a better place for everyone in the Cloud Native, DevOps, Security and Networking communities. Mandy has been learning to play the guitar and to speak Japanese for longer than she can remember.