Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Tools for automated bare metal Kubernetes setup and management? Why not Puppet?

Alexander Olofsson

Today, tools like kubeadm make managing a small to medium-sized Kubernetes cluster easier than ever, only requiring minimal manual intervention to add/remove and manage attached nodes. But if you already have some fully automated lifecycle and configuration management in place, why shouldn't you be able to keep using your well matured orchestration pipeline to build your Kubernetes cluster as well? In this talk - using the magic of PuppetDB and node queries - we'll be taking a look at one possible way to build a completely automated cluster with plain CentOS 7.4 nodes and some Puppet manifests. Along with noting some pros and cons with using pure Puppet for the management over the direct use of tools like kubeadm.

About Speaker

Alexander Olofsson is a young sysadmin employed at Linköpings University, working to automate and modernize the infrastructure there to allow for quicker development and faster deliveries of services.