Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Understanding the data lookup pattern

Jan Ivar Beddari, Craig Dunn

Imagine this:As a service operator, I want to reduce my cognitive load as much as possible by being able to express configuration data across all tooling, so that any common variable is defined once, in a single source of truth.

In this talk we'll show and discuss Jerakia as an implementation of a hierarchical data lookup strategy that can be used and integrated across all your management tools. Using real-life examples of simple data-lookup clients integrating Ansible, Terraform and Kubernetes with disparate infrastructure services, we'll show why organizing data this way makes sense for infrastructure. Come join us to learn how to think about data separation in a coherent way!

About the Speakers

Craig Dunn is a seasoned IT veteran with over 20 years working in the IT industry. Craig founded Enviatics and delivers Puppet consulting services throughout Europe.

Jan Ivar Beddari loves working with infrastructure automation and currently does so at Safespring. In the future, @beddari will write bash scripts that compute hashes to find which robots got the vulnerable firmware.

Jan Ivar Beddari

Craig Dunn