Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

What if CI/CD does not fit? Building autonomous deployable systems.

Peter De Cleyn

Code, test, staged deployment and finally completely live. A typical CI/CD workflow. But what to do when you're not the typical software company, deploying your internal services or cool cloud based micro services after this week's sprint. What if you're putting a high available, telecom grade hardware and software solution at your customer's premise which you have a hard time accessing later on for maintenance. You'll still want to rely on well known industry compliant tools and best practices, but these might not always fit on your deployment model. This talk will highlight some of the challenges we've faced so far and the way we handled them. It will introduce an atypical deployment model, which we try to manage using well known tools like puppet and ansible.

About Speaker

Peter De Cleyn used to lead the team responsible for Platform and Topology configuration of the Newtec Dialog product. This scalable satcom product is based on a cluster of Linux based servers and services which form an autonomously deployable system. Currently, he is the technical product manager, responsible for the OAM and operability aspects of this system and as such is still involved in the way this system is build, deployed, configured and upgraded.