Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

What is a Service Mesh and why do I need one?

George Miranda

Theres been a surge in service mesh technology in recent months: its a necessary building block when managing microservices. But what even is a service mesh? What problem does it solve? Why is managing service-to-service communication suddenly a problem when it wasnt one before?

About Speaker

George Miranda is the Director of Community for Buoyant Inc, authors of the Linkerd service mesh and the author of the OReilly Service Mesh book. For over 15 years, he made a career working at a variety of startups and large enterprises by managing distributed systems in Web Operations roles, mostly in the finance and video gaming industries. Hes since shifted to helping craft better open-source infrastructure solutions, previously at Chef Software and now Buoyant. He enjoys his time living in the American Pacific Northwest, small batch artisanal whiskey, and writing author biographies no one reads.