Mgmt Config: The Road to 0.1

James 'purpleidea' Shubin @purpleidea purpleidea

B.3.019 - Monday 4th February 2019 - 14:00 → 14:55

Real-time, autonomous, automation.

Mgmt is a real-time automation tool that is fast and safe.
As we get closer to a 0.1 release that we’ll recommend as “production ready”, we’ll look at the last remaining features that we’re aiming to land by then.
We’ll explain and demo the import and module system, classes, and native functions.

It uses a real-time, reactive programming language to model the desired state over time, and a powerful event-driven engine to apply this state.
We’ll also show some exciting real-time demos that include scheduling, finite state machines, and remote execution.
Finally we’ll talk about some of the future designs we’re planning and make it easy for new users to get involved and help shape the project.

Speaker Info

James 'purpleidea' Shubin

James is a DevOps/Config mgmt. hacker and physiologist from Montreal, Canada.
He often goes by @purpleidea on the internet, and writes “The Technical Blog of James”.
He works on a Next Generation Config Management project that he started called mgmt.
He studied Physiology at university and sometimes likes to talk about cardiology.