Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

A Fully Tested Dockerized Puppet Infrastructure

Raphael Pinson

Installing a Puppet CM system always starts with setting up the Puppet Masterinfrastructure. This is a complex task. Various installers exists,and managing the infrastructure on the long run is easier task either.At Camptocamp, we have decided to dockerize the whole Puppet server stackto deploy it without the help of Puppet, and ease its scaling and updating.At the same time, we have set up automated and tested builds for eachof the containers of the stack, using Travis CI,as well as automated deployments to Docker Hub.This allows us to deploy Puppet on top of orchestrators such as Rancher orOpenshift.


About Speaker

Raphael (aka raphink) is an Infrastructure Developer and Trainer at Camptocamp. He focuses on automation and implementing DevOps practices mainly in Puppet, Docker/Rancher/Openshift and Terraform. He is also involved in the Voxpupuli and Augeas communities.