Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Foreman and Puppet at Linkoping University, A user story.

Magnus Svensson

When I started working at Linköping University's IT department six years ago I ordered a virtal CentOS 5 server from the Linux server admin group. It took six weeks to get it delivered. Today all new Linux and Windows servers are provisoned at need without delay. This talk will present of our journey getting our IT infrastructure environment close to fully managed by Foreman and Puppet. Some challenges we faced were:

  • Getting acceptance for configurationmanagement
  • Finding all the servers and who was using them
  • Automatic patching and reboots
  • Convincing the security team that all of this was ok.
We will describe how we attacked those challenges and learnings we took.

About Speaker

Magnus Svensson have worked with system administration since 1995.Magnus was an early adopter of Foreman and Puppet and is currently Puppet master at Linkoping University Central IT department. He is responsible to extend the deployment of Foreman/Puppet to all the departments of the University.