Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Designing Policies for Sustainability

Florian Heigl and Alexis Mousset

Rudder has recently gained a lot a new features allowing more flexible configuration, including data management with properties, and dict data types, templating capabilities, plugins to integrate external data, and this will continue in 2018 with parameters for techniques, new group criterias, etc. We also added support for another agent implementation. We will see how to take advantage of these new abilities, both for improving an existing configuration or for setting up a new project, covering:

  • Node classification
  • Data management
  • Configuration rules design and management
  • Best practices for safety


About Florian Heigl

Florian has enjoyed being a systems administrator in mission critical environments for a long time. He first peeked into automation around 2005, applied some of that while fine-tuning & hardening industrial-style systems with 10-year lifecycles. Between that, he's doing monitoring consulting.

He believes all those things are one:
Making stuff work[tm] for your users.

He became a complete Rudder convert in 2014 and has used it in multiple setups by now.

About Alexis Mousset

Alexis Mousset joined Rudder team in 2015 and has worked on improving many different aspects of the solution: from the agent itself, to integration, right through to configuration policies. Indeed, Alexis is both a System Engineer who experiments everyday that automation has become mandatory to properly manage operations, and a Developer who has the proper skills to enhance automation tools capabilities. But what makes his experience even more valuable for the team is also the many consulting missions he has done for customers. Indeed, he’s the one who’s been the most confronted to companies willing to benefit from modern automation solutions like Rudder while being stuck on legacy technologies. The real challenge for Alexis had to enable them to go fast and safe regarding infrastructure automation issues, where everything