Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

How to bring Continuous Configuration benefits to legacy systems

Alexis Mousset

New security threats and the the growing regulations make automation and compliance not only an option but a requirement, even for production systems that were not designed with automation in mind. Adding automation tools on existing production services might sound like a nightmare, but you won’t go from legacy to fully automated public Cloud / immutable infrastructure / Continuous Infrastructure in a day. With the right tools and methodologies, and small iterations, it is possible to sanitize and prepare convergence towards modern standards. Based on real life examples, this talk will go through the different phases of the process. It will cover the identification of the needs, how to chose the first points to automate, the reverse engineering of the infrastructure’s state, the automation and API-fication of the configuration, the continuous checking of its compliance, and the ability to move to new infrastructure standards.


About Speaker

Alexis Mousset joined Rudder team in 2015 and has worked on improving many different aspects of the solution: from the agent itself, to integration, right through to configuration policies. Indeed, Alexis is both a System Engineer who experiments everyday that automation has become mandatory to properly manage operations, and a Developer who has the proper skills to enhance automation tools capabilities. But what makes his experience even more valuable for the team is also the many consulting missions he has done for customers. Indeed, he’s the one who’s been the most confronted to companies willing to benefit from modern automation solutions like Rudder while being stuck on legacy technologies. The real challenge for Alexis had to enable them to go fast and safe regarding infrastructure automation issues, where everything