Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Green Configuration Management

Bo Maryniuk & Pablo Suárez Hernández

  • SUSE Manager, based on community Spacewalk is an Enterprise product for managing your infrastructure, now also utilizing community-driven Salt CMS.
  • Saltsible: Salt Minions are transparently running Ansible both by module calling and Salt States (same as Ansible playbook).
  • Autodiscovery: Salt Minions now can find your Salt Master without configuration.
  • What kind of improvements comes from SUSE: SaltSSH, reliability, L3 support, critical bugfixes, CVE, new features, integration with docker/kubernetes etc.

    About the Speakers

    Bo Maryniuk is a Ukrainian-born software developer who's last Windows was NT 4.0 in 1997. Since that time he is started using SUSE Linux distribution and currently works at SUSE Linux LLC in Nuremberg, Germany.

    His main focus is developing and supporting Salt Configuration Management Software across SUSE products and SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLE). When SUSE continued further innovations on SUSE Manager, based on RedHat's Spacewalk, then Salt CMS was introduced in 2014. This brought a whole new drive the development of Salt which resulted in more innovations and new features evolved.

    Bo is one of "Top Ten" contributors of Salt CMS.

    Pablo holds a BEng. Computer System Engineering from University of La Laguna. Tenerife. Spain. He is a Python Backend Software Engineer at SUSE Linux and part of the SUSE Manager Team where he is mostly focused on Salt and its integration with SUSE Manager. He has lots of contributions to the Salt project, such the Snapper and Kubernetes modules, core improvements and bug fixing.

    Pablo is also involved in the local communities of Arduino, RaspberryPi, FOSS and Linux. Before joining SUSE he was working as Python/Django developer on different projects in Spain.

    He currently develops Free Software from Tenerife, Spain.