Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Taming modern cloud environments with Terraform

Nic Jackson

Today’s cloud infrastructure is really complex. As the datacenters are evolving rapidly and the cloud adoption is at its peak, you still have the same goal — safely deploy your application to your infrastructure. We need to tame our data centers by managing change across systems and by establishing a workflow for both developers and operations engineers to build in a collaborative environment. In this talk we will explore how Terraform and some workflows around it can make help tame the complexity with managing a modern datacenter. There will be a live demo of a end to end workflow that can be used to deploy infrastructure at companies. The demo will showcase: * Use of Terraform modules

About Speaker

Nic Jackson is a developer advocate and polyglot programmer working for HashiCorp, and the author of “Building Microservices in Go” a book which examines the best patterns and practices for building microservices with the Go programming language. In his spare time, Nic coaches and mentors at Coder Dojo, teaches at Women Who Go and GoBridge, speaks and evangelizes good coding practice, process, and technique