Config Management Camp

5 - 7 February, 2018

Gent, Belgium

Introduction to provisioning basic infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform with Terraform

Stein Inge Morisbak

In this talk you will learn how to use Terraform for provisioning basic infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including projects, networking, a Cloud SQL database and deployment of an example application written in Java with a reverse proxy in front to Compute Engine servers in an autoscaled and load balanced environment.


About Speaker

Stein Inge Morisbak is Manager and Head of Bekk Consulting’s commitment to Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Cloud. He considers himself a cross disciplinary technologist and has 20 years of experience both contributing to and helping others become better at producing excellent software together. He is also an experienced speaker at conferences, organizer of DevOpsDays Oslo and the founder of DevOps Norway Meetup.